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KOPLAT is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of integrated automation systems based on the KNX protocol for companies - system integrators, large corporate clients and individuals. KNX is internationally recognized as the worldwide STANDARD for all applications in smart home automation and building control. KOPLAT also provides expert KNX planning advice, management tools and KNX software to help clients effectively setup, organize and manage all types of KNX projects.

LETO partnered with KOPLAT to help communicate its unique history, role, and services to the world, with a website and a range of other marketing communications.

Our strategic approach to the website and other engagements for KOPLAT has been focused on three main areas: audience, design and SEO, that engagingly captures the KOPLAT's mission and expertise as it exists today.

The site provides clear user pathways for very different audiences, while still giving a clear and compelling overview of the company. The site also needed to integrate with the store where people could purchase KOPLAT innovation products.

To understand how to architect the site, we needed to understand the audience who would use it. We built a detailed persona. Who were they? What were their goals, and how would they find KOPLAT and engage with the site? This work ensured that we organized site that was easy to navigate and developed clear user pathways.


Project strategy, UX research, web design (IA, IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), coding, content strategy, design production, digital TOV, copywriting

Our design deployed aquamarine-and-blue colors to create a site that was professional, clean, and had a renewed focus on communicating a high level of service and technological expertise.

We also ensured that KOPLAT's high-quality content was surfaced across the site, introducing more users to the breadth and depth of the organization's expertise.
We were ultimately able to launch a contemporary, easy-to-navigate website that helped show the full scope of Koplat's services and expertise. We plan continued to work with KOPLAT on a range of projects, including help on SEO and contentmarketing.
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