We're a small web development studio that has been creating engaging online experiences since 2012. At Leto, we don't 'do' web development, we live and breathe it. Today we specialize in responsive web design for desktop & mobile devices, easy-to-use content management with Tilda or Squarespace, and custom-crafted websites for small businesses, nonprofits and cooperatives. We combine our technical, creative and marketing expertise with our dedicated support to bring you simply outstanding web development services.
Leto was started as a husband and wife team of Masha and Stas Stavinski.
They had been working in the field of site building and book publishing for over 10 years before starting to work together.
Websites — Apps — Design systems
For 7 years of collaboration we:
have helped countless online and brick and mortar entrepreneurs launch websites to elevate and grow inspiring businesses
have promoted some pretty awesome businesses and start-ups, engaging users with a compelling content strategy. We believe that a focus on natural SEO is key for long-term success with your website's search engine rankings
have created 8 high quality cross-platform applications for kids under Moona brand, focusing on maintaining a balance between logic and the ability to think outside the box
Together we can do most of the work, as Stas is an experienced creative director and site architect, with an educational background in economics and mathematics. Stas handles all the initial planning, design and overall marketing direction of any website. Masha is responsible for layout, content and SEO, having received education in the field of book publishing and editorial affairs. She loves working on content, editing text, adding photos, and making sure everything looks good. Over time, Maria Poremova, a talented project manager has joined our team to help to communicate with foreign clients. Maria is fluent in English and Japanese.
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