The present-day world makes it obvious: you need a website to reach your target audience and promote your services. And no alternative can be as good. As owner of the construction company you want people to look at your website and see a professionally built web project that will reflect well on you. Whether we like it or not people make snap judgements on you just by looking at your website. An efficient, well-engineered, bright and attractive web project will serve you as another powerful marketing tool.

Our team sees website creation on the Tilda builder as a sort of construction creativity, but within the Internet. That is why we are always glad to work on new web-projects in the field of building construction.

Examples of websites created by us on Tilda for construction companies

INHABIT was started in 2016 as a small design studio for exclusive architectural and interior projects. In less than 4 years the company and its team of professionals garnered a global portfolio gaining both national and international attention.

Icon Interiors
A full cycle architecture and design bureau. We create unique, comfortable and functional modern spaces for life, work and leisure, bringing to life the most ambitious ideas of our clients – starting with a design project and finishing with interiors.

The project has been selected as one of the best works on Tilda

BASK is an independent client-oriented consulting and design company founded on principles of providing prime services by applying our experience and passion for technology, optimization and pursuit of new ideas.

Association of Russian
Since 2005, our company has been manufacturing exclusive furniture and creating wood interiors. Any of our products, be it a baroque style chest of drawers or a premium modern kitchen, is distinguished by the highest quality of materials, design and construction.

The project has been selected as one of the best works on Tilda

Operating on the international market, the company provides a full range of services in the field of architecture, landscape and interior design, construction, equipment and direct delivery of furniture, lighting and interior items from leading world manufacturers.

under oaks
... a modern flat-roofed house in Novaya Riga in the Istra cottage village Country Club-3 designed by the famous architect Andrey Ilievskiy

The project has been selected as one of the best works on Tilda

Andrey Ilievskiy
An architect, graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI). I have been professionally designing modern houses since 2001.
is our offer for
is our offer for

what kind of building construction companies our websites and landing pages will be good for and the purposes they can serve

We develop corporate websites for construction companies that operate all over the world. In addition, we can design landing pages for your construction project or advertising campaign. The construction industry is a highly competitive environment, so it is important that your site stands out from the numerous web projects of other construction firms. Moreover, most of the visitors most likely experienced negative feelings associated with construction. Whether it is the deadline for the completion of an office center or apartment renovation. Therefore, your site should carry a clear message: you’re a construction company that delivers professional projects on budget and on time. The site is the first real opportunity to create positive associations, on the basis of which long-term trusting relationships are built.
Aims and tasks,
that a Tilda-built website of a construction firm serves
A corporate website is an online representation of your company. It's a place where a visitor can see your licenses and certificates, read reviews. As a construction business owner, you could give insightful information to prospective customers through educational articles and demonstrate your expertise in the areas in which you specialize.
Drawing and holding attention
A website that displays your construction projects tells your story or teaches visitors by sharing tips and curiosities from the world of building construction. It will, without exaggeration, become an invaluable resource for attracting new visitors and keeping the old ones.
Support and feedback
A website created on Tilda will allow you to organize efficient support and communication with your clients. The support provided directly on the site strengthens the trust between you and the visitor. The site can also serve as a source for collecting entries to form a database of subscribers.
Saving time
Creating a bureau’s or a designer’s site with CMS using a website builder allows you to significantly accelerate the process of development thanks to an extensive ready-made set of various functional elements. And our experience in web development helps us do it in the shortest time optimally possible.
Using Tilda we can create construction company websites in several language versions. A multilingual corporate site will be a powerful tool for finding new sales channels.
Cost efficiency
Developing a site of your construction firm on Tilda allows you to save a significant budget by reducing the costs for technical specialists and the future maintenance of your web project.
The solution
we offer
The solution
we offer

is a contemporary and technologically advanced tool for the development of a construction company websites

Today's market of web services for small and medium businesses is seeing a quiet revolution — heavy management systems, such as Bitrix-24 or Wordpress, are giving way to website builders. Modern website builders allow you to create high quality sites with extensive functionality without needing the services of programmers and layout designers.

For creating a website of a construction company, we suggest using the instrument that we believe is the best on the market today — Tilda Publishing. With Tilda anyone, even a layman, can make a good website needing no special knowledge. But when a professional designer, a marketer, a content manager and a SEO-specialist combine their efforts — their client gets a personalized, high-quality and competitive solution. With Tilda you can create conversion target pages as well as presentation and corporate websites.
What also
will you get
What also
will you get

development of corporate websites for construction companies, one-page landinges for building projects

You get a website with one of the most intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to manage your resource — regardless of it being a multi-page site or a one-page presentation. For this purpose all the various ready-made Tilda's solutions are focused on the visual attractiveness and easy perception of the content.
We can't but highlight:
All pages created with Tilda are adaptive by default.
Tilda offers its built-in CRM for recording requests, customer data storage and more. You can configure fields, transaction steps and mailing lists as well as download the database as a file.
Integration of third-party online services
Tilda supports embedding HTML code on a separate page or on all pages at once, which means the ability to insert code for online consultants, push notifications, social network bars, third-party CRMs and other useful services.
SEO Optimization tools
Built-in search engine optimization tools create all the necessary preconditions for successful promotion.
Technical support
Tilda has excellent reference materials. But besides that, you can always contact their support team for advice.

Websites created with Tilda builder have an option to customize payment systems, integrate popular CRM systems and analytics services in one click.
payment systems
email services
CRM systems that can be connected in one click to websites made on Tilda
payment systems that can be connected in one click to websites made on Tilda
email services that can be connected in one click to websites made on Tilda

The result of our cooperation
will be an eye-catching website of your building construction company, fully and clearly showcasing the professional resources of your company

Today everyone uses Google or other search engines to solve their current tasks or find information of interest. Having a website is the best way to use to your benefit the countless traffic that goes through search engines and social networks every day. As specialists in SEO we ask our clients to remember the mantra for search engine optimization that "content is king". For your site to appear in the search and for you to get the necessary traffic, the website should be properly structured already at the stage of composing the Terms of Reference. We recommend not only make landing pages for low-frequency and medium-frequency requests on your corporate website but to write articles for your blog every week. Google eats up content. More pages mean more opportunities to rank. Your construction company's website created on Tilda will not only be user-friendly and appealing, but also effective in terms of its promotion through professional SEO-optimization.

You can answer these 6 questions
to get the final price – and then decide whether or not to send us your contacts
Before answering the questions, please read about two moments that affect the price setting: what is the difference between design options and what the Terms of Reference is.
1. What kind of website do you need?
2. How many pages is the site going to have?
More than 20 pages (a catalogue site or an online store) can be calculated individually
3. What kind of design would you like?
4. What kind of functionality are you looking for?
5. Do you have the TOR for the website?
6. Do you need the services of a copywriter who will consider the SEO promotion principles?
A standard page has 2500 symbols
Your website development will cost
(+ - 100 EUR)
───── 0euro
We hope we will tickle your imagination and encourage you to cooperate with us. OUR PROJECTS CAN TELL ABOUT OUR SKILLS AND APPROACHES BETTER THAN WORDS.
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