Andrey Ilievskiy Architect

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Andrey Ilievskiy is a Moscow-based architect who is committed to building with perspective and purpose. Andrey works with clients throughout Russia on private residences, interiors and special projects. His work is remarkably diverse - large and small, private and public, for communities and individuals - with particular expertise in luxury residences, apartment developments and commercial projects. Architecture is a means to an end, and the objective is to build opportunities for a rich and versatile life on the site. He insists on right angles and clean surfaces. He proves, a flat roof house is a great idea in areas where it rains or snowy a lot.

We crafted a high-end website with subtle hovers and intuitive call to actions. The individual project pages were designed to showcase the great photography of their spaces. We also built an online questionnaire for potential clients to submit answers about their future projects.
Andrey Ilievskiy Architect


Project strategy, UX research, web design (IA, IxD, UX/UI design), design production, digital TOV

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